Superior Deck, Fence, & Walkway Residential and Commercial Cleaning in CSRA!

As a business or homeowner, you have an obligation to keep your premises safe and clean for passersby. If you allow dirt, debris, mildew, and algae to sit on the surface of your walkways or deck unaddressed, it can lead to some really slick and dangerous conditions. Wooden fences and deck boards can become riddled with wood rot when not cleaned up. Our pressure washing and soft washing services in Aiken seek to ensure that everyone is safe, things are clean and tidy, and your home or office shines like new!

First Impressions Are Lasting

People make an impression about your home or office the minute they drive up, so what impression are your old, drab, and dirty walkways telling them? If you fail to wash concrete, it will lead to stains and poor conditions. If you want to preserve your equity or entice your customer base to frequent your establishment, make sure to make the best impression possible.

Safety Is a Concern

When you own a business, it is extremely critical to keep things clean and safe. Allowing dirt, grime, and algae to build up on your walkways not only makes a horrible impression; it can lead to dangerous situations. The last thing you want is to deal with a slip and fall injury. That can wreak havoc on your business and livelihood. The small cost of commercial concrete washing in Aiken is well worth it when compared to the risk of litigation. Keep it clean – keep it safe!

Professional Deck Stripping and Cleaning

There is nothing that will increase your indoor air quality more than opening the windows wide and keeping your deck looking healthy and clean is about more than just aesthetics. When you allow dirt and grime to build up on deck boards, it will lead to wood rot and the need for unnecessary repairs. Or worse – if left unaddressed for long periods, it can result in needing to replace your deck or front porch prematurely. The small cost of deck cleaning in CSRA is well worth the investment. Staining is a critical part of keeping your porch or deck protected. Stain, however, can’t absorb well if you don’t prepare the surface correctly beforehand. Our pressure washing service in Aiken is just what you need to make the stain stick for good!

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sunshine and fresh air inside. But there is nothing “fresh” about pollen- and allergy-ridden window sills. Before you open your windows and allow allergens to circulate in your home and lead to suffering, have your windows soft washed and breathe easier all year round!

From window washing and roof cleaning to deck restoration and mildew removal, Sunshine SoftWash & Windows has you covered. We offer a wide range of pressure washing and soft washing services in Aiken and CSRA to get your home looking like new again. Even if you think your home is beyond saving, give us a call. You might be surprised!