Save Money by Spending It? Absolutely!

Written by: Julie Keating

As a business owner, you are probably not looking around for ways to spend money in this economy. But there are times when you have to spend money to make money, and others when if you spend, you save. Although it seems counterintuitive, if you pay someone to power wash your commercial business, you are actually saving yourself money. How is that, you ask? It’s simple math!

Increase Your Curbside, Increase Foot Traffic

Customers are more attracted to businesses that maintain a good presence, and what is more appealing than having boosted curb appeal? When you maintain your commercial property exterior, you tell potential and current clients that you invest in providing them with the best possible experience. When people have a favorable experience, they are likely to return. So, in paying to have your building washed, you are increasing the number of clients who give your establishment a try, as well as those who will come back for more.

It’s About Safety

\As a property owner, you are responsible for maintaining and ensuring that your property is safe from harm. When you allow dirt, debris, grime, and algae to sit without addressing them, that can lead to really slick and dangerous conditions. The last thing you want to happen is to have someone slip and fall at your business. Not only will that cost you if they choose to take personal injury action; it will cost you your reputation.

Hiring In-House Versus Outsourcing

Power washing might seem like a great do-it-yourself project, but it really isn’t. Not only are power washing and soft washing something that only an expert should do; they require commercial equipment to get the job done. It isn’t ever a good idea to ask your employees to do something they aren’t trained to do. Also, it makes very little “cents” to invest in power washing equipment that you have to house when you can hire us to do the work instead!

Maintenance Saves You Repair Costs

As a business owner, it’s easy to let things slide if you’re distracted by the many other things you have on your plate. Properly maintaining your commercial property isn’t just a safety issue or an aesthetic one; it is an expense. As with many other things, prevention is the best way to save on expensive repair costs. Power washing will help to remove build-up, grime, and mold that can reduce the lifespan of your exterior materials. 

We Take Care of It All So You Can Focus on What You Do Best

There are times when we spend dollars to save pennies by focusing on the wrong thing. You are a business owner with many hats to wear; maintenance, cleanup, and keeping your property safe for your customers should not be one of them. It’s more effective to do your best and delegate the rest. When you focus on building your business, you make more money. Your time is worth it to pay someone to do what they do best. When you hire us, we soft wash your business, and you save time and money for yourself. 

Owning a business means that you have many things on your busy to-do list. If you want to make sure that the exterior of your property has curb appeal, longevity, and is safe for foot traffic, power washing and soft washing are a must. By spending the money to hire our professional soft washing company, you are actually saving yourself money and the headaches associated with keeping things clean. Contact us today to schedule your property power washing appointment!