Resolve to Keep Up with Home Maintenance in 2024

Written by: Julie Keating

It is hard to believe that the holidays are in full swing and that we will all soon be making our New Year’s Resolutions. This year, why not resolve to keep up with your much-needed home maintenance efforts for the year ahead? If you want to do something to increase the equity in your home, keep your exterior looking great, and reduce the potential need for an expensive exterior repair, consider making house washing a number one priority for 2024!

Bang for Your Buck

When it comes to home improvement endeavors and home maintenance, house washing is one of the best bangs for your buck. Most people think that house washing is just about increasing your curbside appeal, but it does so much more. Removing dirt, debris, mold, and algae from your exterior surfaces can help to reduce the risk of damage too. House washing is like four maintenance jobs in one! How many other things can you think of that do that?

Reduce the Risk of Pest Problems

There is no safer haven or better breeding ground for pests than built-up mold, mildew, and dirt. If you allow your gutters and exterior surfaces like window sills to sit unattended; it can lead to infestation problems on the outside of your home. As any homeowner knows, if they become a problem on the exterior, it is only a matter of time before they take up indoors. To make sure that 2024 doesn’t leave you dealing with a pest problem, hire a house washing company for prevention.

Get Ready for Spring

Although it seems like a while away, spring will be here before you know it! If you wait until the last moment to schedule your house washing appointment, you could be left waiting. Pollen season in the South comes with a heavy coat of allergy debris that can wreak havoc on you and your family. Be prepared to combat it by scheduling an appointment to preempt the spring season.

Save Your Roof

Although not many people pay much attention to their roof’s cleanliness, they should. When you allow dirt, mildew, and mold to grow on your shingles, it can lead to damage that can make your roof susceptible to leaking and other problems. Roof washing is an excellent way to keep your roof strong. It is important, however, that you hire a company that understands how to clean a roof using soft washing. Power washing is never recommended and can lead to expensive damage!

Keeping Everyone Safe

Why wait until after the holidays to hire a soft washing company? If you have guests coming over in the coming weeks, why not spruce things up and make your home more welcoming now? More importantly, to keep everyone safe from a slip and fall, hire a power washing company to remove algae, mold, and debris from your walkways, driveway, and sidewalk. If you don’t clean those surfaces regularly, you are asking for trouble!

As we head into the holiday season, New Year’s is right around the corner. This year, why not commit to making home improvement more important in 2024? You can start by calling Sunshine Boys to soft wash your home, walkways, roof, and everywhere in between. We are professionals in the field who understand the importance of soft washing techniques and good customer service. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.