Soft Washing Is a Must for the Health of Your Family and Furry Friends

Written by: Julie Keating

Also referred to as power washing, many people are beginning to recognize how valuable soft washing is for the exterior of their home or office, but they often associate soft washing with aesthetics and home maintenance. Mold is a big issue, especially in the Augusta and Aiken areas due to the moist and humid conditions. Mold spores are present everywhere in nature, but the only way that they are allowed to grow is if given the right conditions. If you aren’t addressing mold on the exterior of your home, you may be unwittingly harming your pets and family.

What Is Mold?

Mold spores are present everywhere in the environment and are not harmful or dangerous unless they encounter the conditions that help them to grow and spread. Mold spores are not visible to the eye, but they can float about both outside and inside your home. Mold usually begins growing on the exterior of your home when surfaces are continually wet. When mold is allowed to grow, it can lead to health concerns. 

What Health Conditions Are Associated with Mold?

Mold isn’t always dangerous, but if it continues to grow out of control, it can lead to everything from allergies to serious health concerns if black mold exists. Exposure to mold spores can cause allergic reactions such as watery eyes, itching, coughing, headaches, fatigue, and sneezing. If the mold exposure is repeated or persistent, it can lead to increased sensitivity to it and produce severe allergic reactions. 

Pet Health Conditions from Exposure to Mold

Mold isn’t just unhealthy for humans. It is also unhealthy for pets. Pets are susceptible to mold on the interior and the exterior of your home, and it can be toxic if they are exposed to it. When pets are exposed to toxic mold, it can cause everything from mild sneezing and coughing to neurological problems, and in severe cases death. Unlike humans, pets aren’t aware that mold is dangerous for them; therefore, they are more likely to be exposed to it. Mold overall can lead to respiratory distress, gastric symptoms, and excessive scratching and licking with the development of sores.

How Pressure Washing Keeps Your Home, Pets, and Family Safe

Although we often think about the hazards of mold being present indoors, it is also dangerous when it is allowed to grow on the exterior of your home. When you open your windows, any mold on the outside of your home will make its way inside, where it can become trapped in your ductwork and circulated throughout your home. Therefore, if you don’t address mold growth on your home’s exterior, it will eventually affect your indoor air quality. And if you have pets that come into contact with mold, it can lead to some serious consequences if they unwittingly ingest it.

Soft Washing to Remove Mold

Soft washing is an excellent way to reduce the risk of mold growth on the exterior of your home and on walkways, decks, and fences. It not only removes mold spores and breaks them down organically so that they are no longer a problem, but by removing mold and mildew from your walkways and driveway, you reduce the risk of a slip-and-fall accident. Pressure washing will help keep everyone healthier and safer overall.

Although most people already know the aesthetic benefits of pressure washing, they may not think about its ability to remove mold and mildew from around your house. When you reduce mold growth on the exterior, you stop it from invading the interior of your home where it can wreak havoc on your family and pet’s health. At Sunshine Boys, we use organic washing solvents to remove mold, and we do so safely so as not to harm any of your exterior spaces or materials. Contact us today to ensure that you are doing all you can to protect your home, health, and pets.